The Last Resource

The Last Resource is a single player ‘strategy game’ for PC which is set in a science fiction world. It combines the ‘strategy game’ with ‘third-person shooter’ genre elements in a unique way by allowing the player to switch into one of his characters.

The Player has the control over a clan and has to collect and manage energy while advancing through the game world and defending his clan against enemies and deadly anomalies of the world. To achieve the final goal of the game which is to control all energy sources the clan of the player consists of three different character classes: Guard, Builder and Explorer. Each class has different skills which the player has to combine to win the game. By improving his characters and buildings the player is able to enhance the chances of survival. Different methods of selecting units and buildings help the user to get quickly comfortable with the game.

This project demonstrates a large range of skills which I gained in three years of university including object-oriented programming principals, Animation techniques and software project methodologies. Furthermore, I extended my knowledge with this project in shader development and developing Artificial Intelligence for games. The project has been developed using Unity3D Engine and focuses on the design and implementation of a video game from planning to final testing with potential users. In addition, the project tries to discover new ways of including mechanics of third-person shooter games in a strategy game.

Please watch the following video for a small teaser: